Strange structures can be found scattered around the Abyss

The Abyss is a hellish world deep under Dawn, seperated by a magical wall much like the Great Barrier, but much weaker. This barrier is known as the Abyssal Barrier. When people and animals with souls die, their souls are carried by Dez'atla to the Abyss.


The Abyss looks like a war-torn, barren wasteland. There are small destroyed towns, like in the picture to the right. Sometimes, massive lava lakes can be discovered, as well as volcanoes. The sky is constantly an ashy, smoky haze of hot gases, swirling in the red, orange sky. The temperature is unbearingly hot every second of every day.


The Abyss is home to constantly wandering souls of the damned, who roam in the wasteland they are bound to for eternity. Adept mages, using forbidden magic known as Necromancy, can attempt to drag a soul through the barrier, however, the natives to the Abyssal realm, known as Abyssals, guard the Abyssal Barrier  and punish souls who attempt to escape. Other creatures also lurk the Abyss, namely Dez'atla, Dez'arche, and possibly Dez'atlor.

Grimm / Dez'atlorEdit

Grimm, or Dez'atlor, is the Dez'omis of Death. His job is to control the lifespan of each mortal upon Dawn and bring their souls to the Abyss to rest. It is believed that he resides in the Abyss, although no proof has been discovered.


The Dez'atla are a race of Dez who carry the souls of the dead from Dawn to the Abyss. They were created by Dez'atlor to serve him in his purpose.

Abyssals / Dez'aqEdit

Abyssals, or Dez'aq, are a minor race of Dez that were birthed by Maltayr to guard the Abyss. The king of all of these Dez'aq is known as Omi de Dez'aq.


Omi de Dez'aq

Summoning from the AbyssEdit

Through the use of magic, it is possible to extract souls from the Abyss to Dawn. Using the crossword "suminecro", Necromancers have been doing this since the early days of magic. Using the word "Abyssia", it is possible to summon the native Dez'aq into Dawn, although this is much more complex and difficult. In most areas, use of this type of magic, dubbed "Abyssal Magic", is banned and reinforced by the Erayan Force, since the Banning of Unholy Magic in Marazan. Abyssal Magic guilds like the Abyssal's Eye have been terminated because of that law, although some, like the Order of Forbidden and Forgotten Magic, still work in secrecy.

It is unknown how to summon the recently discovered Dez'atla.

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