Stone Landscape

The cold, harsh, stone landscape of Arkland Isle.

Arkland Isle is an island off the coast of the Perpetual Peninsula in Hapec. Beings such as Arkheons and Fey live within it. It is officially owned by the Arkheon Dictatorship.

Surface DetailsEdit

Arkland Isle is a bare land, with a single forest known as "Par Grat" or "Par Grat Yuin", meaning "The Wood" or "The Wood of Arkland" in Arkheon speech.


The inhabitants of Arkland vary in size and shape due to increased magical activity in the area, meaning unusual creatures completely unique to Arkland Isle exist.


There are many landmarks in Arkland Isle. The following are major ones known to most.

  • Par Tre Grat Yuin - The Great Wood of Arkland
  • Par Tre Frex Yuin - The Great Metal of Arkland
  • Par Des Fre Yuin - The Holy Stone of Arkland
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