Entloxae thornistine
The Army of Thormieral is an extremely powerful military force led by Thalmas the Immortal, who is the emperor. The Moon Elven legion was formed in Hapec and is currently in war with Saelonthor.

The current capital is Entlo Xae.

Founding and PurposeEdit

The Army of Thormieral was founded by Thalmas the Immortal in Hapec between 4970 and 4980.

The purpose of the Army is to overthrow the Dez'ran and eventually conquer Dawn, placing it under Moon Elven rule.


Thalmas the Immortal, once known as Torm Mantal, a Moon Elf born around 4940, had been a student at the Order since 4944, when he began to take interest in the Dez and possible ways to leech magic from the Dez to become infinitely stronger.

Eventually, in 4954, in an attempt to draw energy from Kryossiom, he caused the death of six collegues with a large explosion of magic energies. He was not killed, like initially thought, but the explosion shifted his position in the timeframe of Dawn. He was sent to around 4865 in the Hapec wilderness. The accident changed him however, and he became fixated on becoming stronger. Instead of drawing energy from the Dez like before, he discovered the existence of an artifact in Saelonthor, the Heart of Dawn. He gathered an army as an attempt to seize control of the Snow Elven homeland in order to search for the artifact. His own people, the Moon Elves, were easy manipulated into slaying Snow Elves, as they had been evicted from their homes thousands of years before by the Saexa.

By 4988, Torm, now known as Thalmas the Immortal, had seized control of much of Saelonthor.

In 4989, the Army of Thormieral declared ownership of Hapec. The Moon Elves of Hapec are now united under the name of Thalmas the Immortal. The capital of Hapec is now Entlo Xae, where Thalmas the Immortal rules. The Siege of Thornistine, the first true battle of the nation, also took place at the end of the year 4989.

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