Automatons are devices by sapient species that have the right level of technological advancements. They are mainly clockwork, though some are different.

Dwarven CreationsEdit

The Dwarves have had a long and eventful history of machines and never was there a problem they couldn't solve.

Militaristic InventionsEdit

  • Cannon - An improved version of the Drow Clockwork Cannon, this cannon has special features that render it mobile and able to aim downwards allowing for wall defense while having safe cannons.
  • Colossus - These War machines are great in size and strength though lacking in speed. A Colossus is rarely used and is equal to an Orc Titan in strength.
  • Plasma Cannon - These expensive cannons fire shards of the Barrier stored in Marox, the fuel source for their automatons, at the foe. Each shard can explode to incinerate areas of up to 20m around impact, though a bigger shard could do bigger explosions, the one from a Titan enough to to devastate an area of 50-75m.
  • Titan - Titans stand 20 metres tall, though they are not meant to last long in combat, but they are designed for destroying a city or town. They use hammers built into theirs arms as their only weapon. Each blow is powerful enough to hurt a Dez according to eyewitnesses, though they are few and far between. These are mainly used for battering down city walls and destroying certain important buildings in a battle.
  • Titan Snake - This aluminium predator now stalks the lands of Bedias, feasting upon any stray creature, ever since the dwarves accidently set two of it free. It can reproduce asexually.

Scientific InventionsEdit

Drow CreationsEdit

The Drow gain their technological advantage from their ancestors.

Militaristic InventionsEdit

  • Cannon - The Drow Clockwork Cannon was the first of its kind and it soon led to the dwarves making a more efficent version.

Agricultural InventionsEdit

  • Plougher - This device is powered by cheap bits of Marox. When powered, its design mean it moves in one direction and ploughs the ground. The device can fecth a fair price if sold through the Bedias Union.
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