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The Azurian Isles and the Jagged Sea

The Azurian Isles, or Azuria, are a large mass of islands held several hundred feet above the western coast of the Jagged Sea by a unique magical force. They are home to the Sky Elves.


The Azurian Isles are a large mass of one hundred and six islands, once believed to be a part of the Jagged Sea, suspended several hundred feet into the air by a magical field, known as the Azurian Field. Islands are divided into six groups of eleven and four groups of ten. These groups are known as Clusters.Each island is composed of large forests, dotted with small mountrains and lakes. A single island is around a mile tall from peak to bottom. The island tends to narrow down significantly, forming a rugged upside-down pyramid. At the tip of each island lies a large depost of Azurian Ore, which is used heavily by the locals. Additionally the metal known as Chiteru is created on these islands because of the Azurian Field.


The Azurian Isles rain constantly, as in four out of every five days. Because of this, the rivers and lakes of the isles stay filled and the inhabitants never worry for lack of water.


The Azurian Isles


As stated before, there are a total of ten clusters composed of ten to eleven islands each. Many clusters are used for different purposes, such as military housing, residence, or agriculture.

Agricultural ClustersEdit

Four out of the ten clusters are dedicated to farming. Because the Sky Elves are strictly vegetarian, the agricultural clusters contain no livestock, but various foreign fruits and nuts.

The Agricultural Clusters are:

  • Rytsphaesomre  (11 Islands). Known for having a large river that provides irrigation.
  • Pilagmos (10 islands).
  • Kedubun (11 islands).  Known for having the most vegetation.
  • Nuevtere (10 islands). Known for being particularily far from other clusters.

Military ClustersEdit

Three out of the ten clusters are used for training military units and breeding Dragons and Draenimo for combat.

The Military Clusters are:

  • Naethor (11 islands). Known for being the main training cluster.
  • Dokatho (10 islands).
  • Draetho (10 islands). Known for being the main Dragon and Draenimo breeding cluster.

Residence ClustersEdit

Two out of the ten clusters are covered in homes for Sky Elves. They have very large walls surrounding these settlements.

The Residence Clusters are:

  • Chithor (11 islands). Known for being the first inhabited cluster.
  • Vivius (11 islands).

Government ClusterEdit

One of the ten clusters is home to government buildings. This cluster, known as Enatzu, holds the Chi Uni, or capital of the White Feather Legion.

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