A vein of Azurian Steel embedded in rock.

Azurian Steel is a strange metal found in the Azurian Isles. It is known for being exceptionally light.


Other than being very light, Azurian Steel is very similar to steel, although it is very difficult to work. It must be melted into bars using the hottest of forges, then hammered into shape after it begins to cool, but before it completely cools.


Azurian Steel is found exclusively at the tips of Azurian islands. It is unknown how these deposits got there, but there is enough Azurian Steel in one island for a year. Because of the ore being very, very limited, Azurian Steel is only used in the smallest amounts, such as the tips of swords. Due to the difficulty in reached the deposits, only veterans from the Bedias Mining Corporation are allowed to mine the material.

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