The Banning of Unholy Magic is a law banning the use of four schools of magic in Marazan for many different purposes.


In 3016, the Abyssal summoning cult, Abyssal's Eye, is found guilty of capturing thirty two children in Erayus and sacrifing them for magical and summoning purposes. The leader, Dezmond Hash, is executed publicly, along with four other guild members. The rest of the cult went into hiding.

In 3017, the people of Marazan pass the Banning of Unholy Magic act, banning the schools of magic: Mina (Manipulation of the Mind), Sumi (Summoning), Necris (Reanimation of the dead), and most importantly, Abyssia (Summoning of Abyssals and Abyssal transformation).

Many guilds and cults who were found guilty of practicing such forms of magic were executed.

In 3532, the Order of Forbidden and Forgotten Magic is founded by a group of six Snow and Sun Elves in Erayus. Fearing persecution, the order moves to the unforgiving and uncharted land of Hapec with a total of thirty two members.

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