A common Bedias market

Bedias is the second largest continent of Marazan, home to the Sand Elves and Dwarves, although many Erayan Sun Elves make their home in Bedias. It is a very trade-inhabited land, holding the trade capital of Dawn, Belden.

Surface DetailsEdit

The borders of Dawn are surrounded by hilly plains, used as farmland by the Sun Elven immigrants from Erayus.  These stretch for around a hundred miles until the farmlands roll into the desert hills. The Bedias desert covers most of Bedias, dotted with trade markets and oaseses. At the center of the Bedias desert lay the massive Quimrdage Peaks, which house the Dwarven civilization in its rock.

The largest body of water in all of Marazan, the Great Oases, is shared between Erayus and Bedias. The entire island chain of the Republic of YernHerjox, Craveni, and Hylotia, as well as the island of Traismalia are on the Bedian side of the Great Oases, while Erayus Minor resides on the Erayan side.


Bedias and the surrounding countries


Bedias is home to many foreign immigrants from across Dawn who have come to trade, although the native species are:


Bedias is between Erayus, east of Raxus, and north of Hapec. Open waters are to the north of Bedias. All these factors add up, providing the perfect trade location: Bedias.


Bedias is quite populous on its coasts. These are the known cities of Bedias:


Bedias is united under the Bedias Union, located in the Dwarven Capital city of Stachnias. The Union thrives off trade agreements.

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