The Bedias Union, often abbreviated as the BU, is an alliance made by two parties: the Dwarven Government and the Sand Elven Government. On the the logo for the Bedias Union, the Dwarves are a brown stripe, and the Sand Elves are a tan stripe. The background is white which represents a new beginning.


The idea for the Bedias Union was in 3376. In the next four monthly meetings between the Dwarves, and Elves, they made it a reality. It started off as a simple Trade Union, but as time wore on, by 4012, a military alliance became a part of it due to the militaristic nature of the Erayans and Raxians. They split the idea into having different Councils where the species would negotiate a different subject. As of the present day, there are four major Councils.

Bedias Trade UnionEdit

This Council decides on what commodities are exported or imported from where. They also are in charge of Bedias's economy and make sure that they can get the better deal while trading. With this Council the overall wealth of Bedias has increased by 15%. They send all foreign trade requests to the Relationships Union. They also make the choices of the Bedias Mining Corporation.

Bedias Military UnionEdit

This Council decides Bedias's military future. For example, if they wish to declare war on the Raxian Legion, they would send the request to the Relationships Union. The Military Union also decides on where they should place their forces for best attack or defence. They have direct control of offensive and defensive operations.

Bedias Relationships UnionEdit

This Council gets information from what the Trade and Military Unions have decided and have to put it into action. Whether this is by declaring all out war or subtly assassinating someone or simply asking, they have to agree on some way to do it and then do it. While preforming foreign negotiations, what the Relationships Union say and what their reaction to what people say is important. This is because it could easily change the opinions of the trader or ambassador.

Bedias Cultural UnionEdit

This Council has to make sure one species culture doesn't break another species'. For example, around the year 3700, the Sand Elves were heavily influenced by the Dwarven culture and started to use more Dwarven products and use Dwarven made clothing. To prevent this from happening once again, this Council was formed. In addition, they also spread the cultures of Bedias into other lands. Not only does this help relations, if an attacking force was to lay seige to a castle, people who prefer the attacker's culture could open the gates at night time or have a riot or protest inside the castle.

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