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Vulce, the most powerful beholder.

The Beholders are possibly the, on average, most adept species at preforming magic.


Each Beholder has between 4 and 12 tentacles with an eye on the end growing out of their armoured central body, which is about 2m³. Each eye can preform an independent feat of magic as a Beholder can say multiple magic words at the same time, corrosponding to which eye it wants to use a certain spell. Beholders can also levitate for as long as it has magic within it. This ability comes from a "T" shaped organ at the back of the body. This organ also means a Beholder has no need to eat and can change magic into the necessary vitamins or elements. Its mouth is just to inspire fear in its opponent.


The Beholders lived alone without outsider contact for over 2000 years. When the Arkheons came in force, the Beholders ruthlessly attacked them as if they were mere animals. The Arkheons retreated and sent out diplomats who were able to get their word that they would stay neutral and attack a foe that attacked the Arkheons as well.

Notable Individuals[]

  • Vulce - Arguably the most powerful mage of the Beholders.