A Blood Wolf

Blood Wolves a race of strange four-legged beasts native to the Blood Forest of Zeyr.

Physiology Edit

Blood Wolves are around 4 feet in length, and have little to no skin. These wolves are very fast, running at speeds of 45-50 miles an hour at top speed. Since having no eyes, Blood wolves have heat sensors all over their body, mostly their head, to track down prey. The also have a organ in their mouth that acts as a nose of sorts for smell.

Blood Wolves have a reddish tint to them, as they have very little skin and their muscles can be seen through their skin. This color allows them to blend in with the forest, which makes it easier to hunt unsuspecting prey. They hunt in large packs of 6-12, eating anything in sight.

Diet Edit

The regular diet of a Blood Wolves is anything that has flesh and moves, especially from outside the Blood Forest. These creatures will even go after other packs of Blood Wolves and Flesh Titans due to their carnivorous nature.

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