A sketch of a Brush Serpent

Brush Serpents, also known as Sky Vipers or Chinuemo, are a species of Serpent native to the land of Zeyr, known for gliding from treetop to treetop, spraying venom from the skies.


Like all Serpents, Brush Serpents have wings, but no legs, like Dragons and Wyverns

The wings are composed of a thick, green membrane which are ribbed with one to three claw tipped bones. The wings of the Sky Viper are pronged with claws, which sprout from the supporting bone. These claws are not only used for holding on to things when the Brush Serpent wishes to be immobile, but they also tipped with an extremely deadly poison known as Vengence's Sap. When any living thing is exposed to the toxin, it is absorbed into the skin or hide, where it lays dormant for two to three years until it awakens; causing the rapid decay of any flesh. The spines on the tail, the teeth, and the horns protruding from its head are also carriers on the venom. Even the serpent's blood is laced with the deadly toxin.

Brush Serpents have four glowing eyes which cannot detect anything other than heat. It's nostrils, however, can smell organic material such as flesh and plant life. The Brush Serpent uses these senses to move around and attack prey.

Because the Brush Serpent, like all Serpents, have no legs, the creature uses its tail primarily as a rudder.

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