Chiteru, or literally Sky Stone, is a precious gem with magical properties. It is only found at the centre of the Azurian Isles.


Chiteru is peculiar as each of the rare stones is found in the precise centre of each island in the Azurian Isles. The stone amplifies magic. For example, a 3 mard piece of Marox would become a 9 mard variant. 5 mards would become 25. 100 mards would become 10,000.

However, with a magical force such as the Azurian Field, it is significantly amplified due to its power, causing magic otherwise impossible without the constant attention of a lower Dez.


Chiteru is fascinating to scholars because of its formation. The Azurian Field created these rocks because it seemed to have wanted to expand its reach. All communication with a possibly sapient magical force is unlikely as all magical words known have practical uses.

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