A Chouran Knight

The Chouran Dynasty is a Human family line that has ruled the island of Choura since the Golden War of 512.


The Chouran Dynasty dates back to a small valley village in the northeastern region of Choura, then known as Solus. Soon, these people began to expand into the lower parts of Solus, defeating not only barbaric tribes, but weakly established clans for control of mines. These mines were used to mine one of the most versatile metals in all of Choura, Chouran Gold. The entire Chouran Dynasty was built upon the mines and this eventually led the Golden War of 512.

In the Golden War of 512, Tauros Choura led his army of 5,000 men, all clad in Chouran Gold, against the last opposing house of Choura, the House Styrke. Led by the ruthless Armand Styrke, the house had one advantage left, a large fortress known as Greytooth Keep positioned at the top of Mount Rage. The two clans battled atop Mount Rage, and eventually, Tauros Choura managed to kidnap the daughter of Armand Styrke, Arra Styrke, and force Armand to surrender his keep. Tauros and Arra were later wedded and had several children.

Tauros Choura, known as the Greygold Warrior, is the ancestor of the current head of the Chouran Dynasty, Trey Choura , married to Hasina Choura . Trey Choura is a benevolent ruler, but is a military warlord.

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