One of the strange knights guarding the realm

The Crimson Knights are a group of mysterious figures seen throughout Dawn, although they seem to live in and guard the Blood Forest. They are seen as being bad omens, as when they are seen, events of chaos are sure to follow.


Crimson Knights are ranging in appearance; some have have long, draping cloaks, while others have armors and capes. However, one thing is always common between Crimson Knights: the face of a Crimson Knight is never visible. Crimson Knights are always garnished with some form of blood red cloak or hood, always covering the face.

Crimson Knights are almost always seen riding Crimson Dragons, although some have been seen without. Those without dragons have large, feathery wings.


Crimson Knights appear to serve the Dez'kro, Krotez, by spreading his influence: chaos. They have been known to assassinate kings, destroy keeps, and torch villages in the name of chaos. They are theorized to be a species of Dez, although there is no solid evidence to base this upon.


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