A Crimson Wolf

A Crimson Wolf, native to Drexlor, are the land's apex predators, with the only hunter of theirs the Drexlorians.


The Crimson Wolf is a fierce carnivore and will eat any meat it is given. They can grow up to twice the size of a normal wolf and often end up leading other wolves as a pack because of this. They are born with blood red tattoos from which they get their name from. They all differ from each other, like a fingerprint of sorts. Crimson Wolves have Marazan's largest Achilles Tendon. They can pounce up to 30 ft when fully developed.


A Crimson Wolf will consume any creature it deems its prey, be this a Drexlorian or a deer. They often jump at their prey once in distance. Only a few Crimson Wolves have ever been trained, and only from birth. Even so, they should be considered a formidable foe in battle or while hunting.


The preferred method of killing a Crimson Wolf is to get it in the throat with a spear when they jump. If a pack is attacking, spears make good defences because of their size and because of them jumping into a spear. Only 75% of trained Drexlorian hunters come back from an encounter with these creatures.

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