The sigil of the cult

The Cult of Blood is a religious cult that worships the Dez'kro, God of Chaos, Pain, and Fear. They are also known to worship Hervashante, Goddess of Destruction and Rebirth, to an extent, as they believe she is related to the Dez'kro.


Because the worship of Dez'kro is widely looked down upon and often prohibited, members of this cult are very secretive. This makes it very difficult for daily worship, however; the cult is known for its extremely violent and destructive means of expressing their religion.

On average once every twenty to thirty days, all members of the cult in a specific region gather in a seclusive area, some traveling days to reach the meeting point. From there, the cultists will perform their extreme and vile forms of worship, often including capturing civilians from nearby towns or cities and torturing them, as they wish to spread their god's influence through inflicting pain.

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