The Queen of the Maltall Dynasty, the family that controls most of the Dark Elven population

Dark Elves are a race of Elves native to Raxus, Marazan. They live almost entirely on the southern region of Raxus, beyond the Udes Mountain range.


The Dark Elves are very similar in appearance to the Moon Elves, as both races have very silverish skin tones; however, Dark Elves have a much more olive tone to their skin.

Dark Elves are usually around six foot tall, give or take a few inches.

Dark Elves have silver and white hair, but with age the hair abrubtly turns black or grey.

Dark Elven females often wear very little clothing, as a show of honor to their Goddess, the Goddess of Flattery.


The Dark Elves of the Raxian Legion, under the Maltall Dynasty, speak the Elven Tongue, however those of the Cult of Grimm speak a foul language, the Word of Grimm.


Most of the Dark Elves live under the powerful Raxian Legion, who controls the Dark Elves through the Maltall Dynasty. The Maltall Dynasty has ruled over the Dark Elves since the year 1349, when the Maltall Dynasty overthrew the Maramalt Nation.

Dark Elves lived in seclusion in the south of Raxus behind the Udes Mountains for over 4000 years, but eventually the Dark Elves slowly moved out, exposing themselves to the world. The Dark Elves joined the Raxian Legion in the year 4621, as they feared they would perish by the hands of the Raxians or Orcs of Raxus.

Some Dark Elves, around 20%, live under the Cult of Grimm, a religiously extreme country who seeks to spread the influence of the Dez'atlor. Tensions are high between the Maltall Dynasty and the Cult of Grimm.


In Dark Elven culture, the females are often seen as superior to males. Males take the job of protecting the woman and working, while the woman is to raise children, attend church, and serve the queen. Kings do exist, although they stand behind the queen, who rules ultimately. When wedded, a family takes the last name of the woman.

The Dark Elven culture is very religious; churches are constructed in each town to honor the guardian of the Dark Elves, Maltayr, Dez'ran of Flattery and Darkness. Those who do not live under the Maltall Dynasty worship Grimm, Dez'atlor, God of Death.

Notable IndividualsEdit

  • Queen Alexandria Maltall II, Queen of the Maltall Dynasty
  • King Rothmsk Maltall the First, King of the Maltall Dynasty
  • Princess Alexandria Maltall III,  Heir to the Maltall Dynasty
  • Princess Alaeva Maltall, Second Heir to the Maltall Dynasty
  • Torea D'ytera, or Fae'oishin, Archpriestess of the Cult of Grimm
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