Not to be confused with Wyverns or Serpents

  • A Scarlet Dragon
  • A Crimson Dragon
  • A Ronan Cave Dragon
  • A Chidrae
  • A Peak Dragon
  • A Sea Dragon
  • An Elder Dragon
Dragons are a race of reptilian predators that inhabit almost every continent on Dawn.

They are a part of the group of races known as the Ocromis, or Beast Kings, which includes the Dragons, Wyverns, and Serpents.


Dragons are particularily known for their immense sizes, some breeds reaching a mile in length, with wingspands that double that.

Most Dragons have two or four limbs, each limb usually garnished with sharp talons or claws.

All Dragons, with the exception of Earthstriders, bear at least a single pair of wings, and rarely more. Wings are a defining trait of dragons, whether they are plated, scaly, or composed of a fleshy membrane.

Dragons, being reptiles, lay eggs which hatch into their young, known as dragonlings. The eggs themselves are composed of a durable, smooth, and often magic proof material also found protecting the skin of Dragons: Dragonscale. Dragonscales are, like stated before, an extremely durable substance that rarely gives way to enemies.


These below are a comprehensive list of Dragons throughout Dawn or other dimensions.

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