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The Crimson Forests of Drexlor

Drexlor is a small island south of Marazan. Its only sapient species are the Drexlorians. It was discovered by Humans in the year 120.

Surface Details[]

Drexlor is quite small: only being one eigth the size of Erayus. The island is dotted with thousands of trees, all bowing down to the great Decama Tree, home to the Drexlorians.

The entire island is a very flat land, covered with forests of red-leafed trees, known by the native Drexlorians as "Crimson Trees" in the "Crimson Forest". These crimson forests take up most of the island.


The temperature of Drexlor is very similar to that of Erayus, usually warm, but not too warm.

A Crimson Wolf


Drexlor is home to many species of deers, wolves, and birds. The most common wild species is the Crimson Wolf, which dominates the forests, his only enemy the Drexlorian hunters.