Atlas of Theria

Earthstriders are a unique breed of dragons who have no pairs of wings. However, they are significantly stronger than other dragons.


Earthstriders, unlike normal dragons, have no wings at all. However, Earthstriders' scales are much tougher and their skin is impervious to almost any blow. Their only weakness, however, is their head and underside.

The underside of the Earthstrider, although a weakness, is coated strong plates with a golden hue. At the base of the neck on the underbelly lies a small gem where mana is stored, allowing the Earthstrider to store mana when idle and use it when in need. This gem varies in color, from purple to green to blue to red.

Other than having very thick scales, Earthstriders are also garnished with large spikes at their shoulders, elbows, and knees. Large, foot long talons rip from the hands of these titans, further allowing Earthstriders to control their territory as apex predators. Earthstriders also have two rows of very sharp teeth, fit for a carnivore.

Earthstriders prefer to stand up as bipeds, although they are much faster on all fours. Standing on two feet, the Earthstriders can be up to twenty five feet tall. However, this was only on one occasion in history, with the Earthstrider known as Atlas of Theria. On average, they stand around 15 to 20 feet tall.

Male Earthstrider's have long frills that branch off from their heads. The longer the frills, the more desirable the specific male. Usually, they extend about two to three feet.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Earthstriders have magical abilities superior to most common races and even most dragons. Unlike most dragons, Earthstriders are born with knowledge of all of the common words (Pyro, Kryo, Necris, Era, Kia, Siro, Terra, Qai, Mina, and Pri). Earthstriders do not tamper with Sumidez, Pri, or any forgotten words.

Earthstrider's are able to store mana in the gem on their underside. This mana, like other magical storing object, can be accessed whenever needed.


Earthstriders have lived on Traismalia since the birth of dragonkind. They have guarded the island since their origins, believing themselves to owe their lives to their home.

In the year 4190, a large army in the name of the Erayan Force came to claim the island as their own. The current Earthstrider population, only around 1,200, fought to eliminate the invaders. Thus began the War of Theria. The War was named after Theria of Night, the eldest Earthstrider at the time, who commanded the attack on the invaders.

By the end of the war in 4202, only the son of Theria of Night, Atlas of Theria lived. He was able to single handedly drive the invading army off, never to return. Since then, no foreigner dare venture to the island.

Notable IndividualsEdit