"We saw them. A trio of Sea Dragons. Travelling in one direction. Not fighting. Running. From what...?"

The Elder Sea Dragon is a type of Dragon that supposedly lives in the Jagged Sea. It is one of the largest breeds of Dragon.


The Elder Sea Dragon is a race of incredibly large dragons. Their size hasn't been measured, but it is in the range of a few kilometres long. Gigantic limbs propel it across the ocean. It needs to breath oxygen, so it has been seen near the surface occasionally. It normally swims towards the bottom of the ocean, away from sapient creatures. They are similiar to Sea Dragons, but the size is greatly different so it is classified as a new species.


There have been numerous sightings of this legendary beast over the millenia.

  • 1475 - The first supposed encounter. Several others came up around this time as well. Although many were just fables, some hold inklings of truth.
  • 2873 - The second series of encounters. Hundreds of tales were spun in the next few years about this monstrous being.
  • 4271 - The latest set of sightings. Many pictures and descriptions of it were made. An interesting case can be found in the popular book To Catch A Beast. This details the account of a person striking the creature with minuscule harm dealt.



The Elder Sea Dragon was found by the crew of Kilmak. It was revealed to be the obscure island of Ophidia.

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