The average Elven body structure

Elves, or the Xa in the Elven Tongue, is a large group of races whom all have similar features and most Elves are related by blood. The Elves make up around 60% of the Pure Races.


The physical structure of most Elves is very similar to that of a Human, although Humans have more physical strength, while Elven species tend to be taller. Elves are quite well built, usually having an average height and body composition compared to other races. The average height between Elven races is around five to seven feet tall, both male and female. Male Elves tend to be bulkier than females, who are very slender and in a way, elegant.

List of Elven RacesEdit

An estimated 75% of all continents or islands upon Dawn contain some sort of pure or derived form of the original Elves. Here you can find a list of all known Elven species.


  • Snow Elves
  • Sand Elves
  • Moon Elves
  • Sun Elves
  • Dark Elves
  • Sky Elves
  • Perpetual Elves
  • Jade Elves
  • Dragon Elves
  • Tree Elves
  • Thymalian Elves
  • Sea Elves
  • Exolescian Elves
  • Stone Elves
  • Ash Elves
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