A rather large chunk of Equix

Equix is a deep blue colored mineral found in underground lakes and other water sources underneath Bedias. Equix is extremely expensive because of its unique magical properties.


Equix is named after the Dwarven words for "Lightning" and "Gem", allowing the word Equix to mean "Lightning Gem".


Equix is extremely unique for its ability to absorb magic from water and store it (over the course of hundreds of years); the longer the gem is directly in contact with water, the more potent the stone is. When touched directly or indirectly through most metals, woods, and other organic material, Equix delivers a shock as the Equix's structure is attempting to absorb magic and all living things have a slight amount of naturally flowing magic (some more than others). When the Equix absorbs a minute part (estimated at 0.001% of all natural magic in the body), the nerves are triggered, sending a shock through the body. This shock doesn't do any real damage usually, but can be very usefull in the midst of a swordfight to have every blow make the opponent flinch. Occasionally, the magical drain pulls magic through the body much too fast, causing a small eruption of Free Magic, which can harm, although this does not happen often.

Equix miners use special Kymerith pickaxes that do not conduct this drain of magic.

Location and Mining ProcessEdit

Equix is not very common and is expensive to mine. Miners must travel deep beneath the surface of Bedias to encounter the mineral. Often, miners search for underground sources of water to find patches of the mineral, which contain anywhere from 2 to 50 pounds of Equix, well worth it. Miners can not use the standard steel pickaxes to mine the gem, however, as whenever the gem comes in contact with the pickaxe's metal, the drain of magic is conducted through the steel. Miners must use Kymerith quality pickaxes. After mined, the Equix is carted through special Kymerith coated crates and shipped.


In ancient Dwarven tablets, words can be found describing a "Lightning Gem" as a trap for the greedy. This indicates that many miners who longed for wealth searched and found this beautiful looking gem, only to be disappointed as when they tried to mine the stone they were punished. Equix mining techniques using Kymerith were discovered in 3024. Since then, Equix has been exported by the masses from Bedias.

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