An Erayan Force footsoldier

The Erayan Force is the largest country in Marazan, controlling all of Erayus. They have forty three bases and over six hundred outposts in Erayus and four hundred outside. They are used to keep the peace and deal decisive damage in prioritised locations. The soldiers are known for being clad Kymerith armour.

Strategic ObjectiveEdit

The Erayan Force's overall goal is to protect the citizens of Erayus from harm. While this objective is all well and good, the more specific ideas, such as declaring war on a more primitive race to set up a new colony, are not. Because of this, the Erayan government covers up the atrocities made by the Force and prevents anyone outside of the Force from knowing.


The Erayan Force is a dictatorship, although the bloodline controlling, the Enemi Dynasty, is actually focused on the developement of the country, rather than being complete tyrants. Some decisions made by the Emperor have been drawn hatred towards him, such as starting the Perpetual War.


Famous BattlesEdit

The Arkheon Advance

  • Fall of Corcaigh - Arkheon Victory
  • Seige of Khasathan - Erayan Victory
  • Battle of Returse - Stalemate
  • Battle of Yunkai - Erayan Victory

The Perpetual War

  • First Encounter - Elven Victory
  • Final Assault - Elven Victory

The Jagged Alliance

  • First Encounter on Raxian Soil - Erayan Victory
  • Second Encounter on Raxian Soil - Erayan Victory
  • Third Encounter on Raxian Soil - Raxian Victory
  • First Encounter on Bedian Soil - Erayan Victory
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