The Dezxam, or God's Blood

Erayus is the largest continent of Marazan, Dawn. It is home to the Humans and Sun Elves. It is ruled by the Erayan Force.

Surface DetailEdit

Erayus is extremely large, 23,239,000 kilometers of surface area. The land is covered in plains, mountains, forests, and hills. Many lakes dot the land, including the second and third largest bodies of water in all of Marazan: the Dezxam and Sea of Erayus, and sharing the largest body of water in all of Marazan, the Great Oases, with Bedias.


The Marazan multi-continent mass.


Erayus, known as the capitol of Marazan, is located west of Raxus and beside Bedias.


The climate of Erayus is quite warm year round, reaching around sixty to eighty degrees fahrenheit daily, although for around thirty days each year, the land is covered in snow.


The cities of Erayus are very scattered about, although large trade roads connect each city.

List of CitiesEdit

A list of cities in Erayus:


Many desert and plains species are native to Erayus, due to the warm climate. The Sun Elves and Humans are the main common races, although some nomadic tribes of strange races roam the plains.

List of InhabitantsEdit

A list of Erayan inhabitants:


  • The Arkheon Advance - Starting in 4941, this war is hurting Erayus and the continent is taking high casualties to hold back the tide of Arkheons, Giants and other foul creatures.
  • The Perpetual War - Starting in 3179, during the Erayan Force's exploration of west Hapec, they encountered the Perpetual Elves. The Erayan Force are losing men to this battle, even though the Perpetual Elves have never left Hapec.
  • Jagged Alliance - Starting in 4971, Erayus declared war on Raxus and Bedias. However, the two defenders formed a defence together known as the Jagged Alliance, a temporary measure to defeat the Erayan Force. Then its territory will be split between them, but not just men are greedy.
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