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A charging Flesh Giant

The Flesh Giant is a Titan composed entirely of the fat, muscle, and organs of nearby deceased bodies. However, the flesh still rots and decays.

The Flesh Giant is native to the Blood Forest of Zeyr, although it can be rarely found anywhere across dawn.


Flesh Giants are composed of various bits and pieces of flesh, naturally strung together with a strong fiber that grows off of the Flesh Giant.

Pieces often included arms, claws, legs, tentacles, eyes, tails, spikes, and even loosely connected organs.

Flesh Titans, like all Titans, have a Titan's Core where mana is stored. A Flesh Titan's core is literally the creature's heart: it pulsates with mana, spreading it throughout the body to enable life. The Flesh Titan's core is formed when it is born, slowly growing larger as the beast grows.


A Flesh Giant is born when several dead bodies are exposed to any electrical or magical pulse; Thunderstorms are known as "Birth Storms" in Zeyr. Strong magical pulses are also the cause of the birth of a Flesh Giant, although it requires a large amount of magical energy, enough to kill an unexperianced mage or weak mage. However, when a large mass of people are killed in a relatively close distance, enough magical energy will be released to form a Flesh Titan. Magic Storms, rare as they may be, are also common birthing sessions of Flesh Giants.

A Flesh-Bone Hybrid

Flesh Titans and Bone Titans form in almost the exact same manner. In some cases, a Flesh Titan and a Bone Titan may form from the same mass of corpses and may be interlinked. These creatures will often grow together, forming a hybrid.


Flesh Titans hunt for living organisms, including other Flesh Titans, in order to grow larger and maintain enough mana to survive. Flesh Titans often find themselves fighting Bone Titans for food, as these two breeds are some of the most common creatures that inhabit the Blood Forest.

Stories tell of Flesh Titans who wandered out of its home forest, into the land of the Forest Elves, devouring entire villages.

Life Span[]

Flesh Titan find it their lives duties to find and attach as many anatomical parts to them as possible, feeding off of the remaining mana. As long as they have fresh parts that are able to move, they will live on; however, a single Flesh Giant will only live around a week.