Greytooth Keep

The Golden War of 512 was the war between House Styrke and the Chouran Dynasty at Greytooth Keep of Mount Rage. With the defeat of House Styrke, the Chouran Dynasty claimed the island of Solus as theirs, renaming it as Choura.


The entire battle took place upon Mount Rage, Styrke Archers shooting at the Chouran Soldiers. In the end, the sheer number of Chouran soldiers overwhelmed the Styrkes and both the keep and mountain were claimed by the golden army of Choura.

A majority of the Chouran forces were foot soldiers clad in Chouran Gold armor, as it was impossible to use siege vehicles up on the hill. Styrke soldiers used archery and spearmen to push the Chourans back, but they were greatly outnumbered. If the Styrkes and Chourans had equal soldiers, the Styrkes would have defeated the Chourans; however, because of the 1:3 ratio of Styrke soldiers to Chouran soldiers, the battle was lost by the Styrkes.


After the Golden War of 512, House Stykre was abolished and Tauros Choura, who led the siege, and Arra Styrke, daughter of Armand Styrke, were wedded. The Greytooth Keep became the capital of the Chouran Dynasty, as well as one of the largest Chouran Gold mines on Choura. From 512 on, the Chouran Dynasty ruled over Choura.

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