A Clay Golem

Golems are artifical beings created to serve. They have a resemblance of civilisation, despite being enslaved by various species for their own pursuits.


Golems are created using numerous runes. The runes used depend on the Golem's functions. All Golems use the Rune Animate and Movement to preform basic tasks. The Runes are generally placed on the inside of the mouth of the Golem, as to not show them everywhere.

Golems are usually created with clay or other soft, yet hardening materials. The more expensive Golems are crafted with iron or even a mechanical parts to enhance efficiency.


Due to Golems being classified as living beings due to the Rune Animate, which simulates a living being, and since slavery is banned in many places, legally Golems must be paid and must be able to purchase freedom. Free Golems are very rare, and are becoming less and less common due to the controversy of Golem freedom.

The minimum wage for a Golem working in Marazan is five talons each day. The maximum cost for freedom for a Golem working in Marazan is one royal, although most Golems aren't functional by then.

The topic of Golem freedom is very controversial. Major debates about rights of Golems are taking place in all large countries, specifically in Marazan.


A Jade Elven Golem. Along with magical runes, other characteristics like "strong" or "quick" are transcribed on the shoulders in the native tongue.


The Bedian Society of Golems contains the largest known amount of Golems in all of Dawn. This society constructs Golems and forces them to work or sells them, but due to anti-slavery regulations in Marazan, are forced to pay the Golems. However, they pay the bare minimum wages and the price of freedom is set to its maximum legal price.

Other groups that manufacture and house Golems, like the Society of Free Golems in Erayus are more civil with their Golems, paying enough for a Golem to earn its freedom in just two years. This society also purchases Golems from groups like the Bedian Society of Golems, who they believe to be inhumane. These relocated Golems are put to work in areas that are familiar. For instance, a Golem that worked in a mine shaft might be recommended to have a contruction job due to their experience with manual labour.

Some militaries, like the Jade Elven military, rely heavily on Golems.

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