Greensting explosions are very similar to those of Wildfire

Greensting is a magical residue that can be harvested from the body of a Dez'psi. Greensting is a very common weapon used by the Army of Thormieral.


Greensting is in a liquid form when harvested from the body of a Dez'psi, although when subjected to any form of heat, heavy friction or magic, it will explode and begin to spread as flames. Greensting will spread to any adjacent surface after the initial explosion, including water.

Rather than burning, the flames will dissolve away at any surface. If comes in contact with flesh, the corrosive flames will induce a horrible stinging that will not stop until the flames are put out.

Greensting can only be put out by magical means. The word Kryo must be used, cooling the flames until they wither away and vaporize.


A typical flask for Greensting


Greensting is almost always kept in glass flasks as little friction can occur. Greensting, when carried into battle, is also carried in glass flasks with handles as it allows the wielder to throw the explosive with ease. Detonation of the Greensting will occur when the glass shatters on a surface.


Greensting is harvested from the bodies of a Dez'psi, or Hunter. Hunters are often summoned for the sole purpose of harvesting the Greensting. Like putting out the flames, harvesting the weapon requires use of the word Kryo to cool the flames into a liquid state where it can then be bottled.

Greensting is also found on the bodies of victims of a Hunter, where it will spread until put out.

It can also be obtained by grounding up certain plants from Hapec that emit poison with effects so similar that it is categorised under the same name. This process is slow and inefficient and so is rarely used.


The discovery of Greensting happened in the year of 4953 by a scholar of the Order known as Torm Mantal, who was studying Dez. Torm illegally summons a Dez'psi by using filled Maroxes stored by the Order. He then allegedly sacrificed a fellow scholar, claiming he had no idea what happened. He studied the Dez'psi, who allowed Torm to cool and store several bottles of Greensting.

In the year 4985, the Army of Thormieral summoned around sixteen to twenty-four Dez'psi, costing the lives of around 120 Moon Elven prisoners who were used as sacrifices and as magic sources. An estimated 1,600 bottles of Greensting were taken. The Greensting was a deadlier alternative to the banned substance known as Wildfire.

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