Hapec Landscape

A picture of Hapec's varied landscape

Hapec, also known as the Uncharted Continent, is the second biggest continent in Marazan.


Hapec is the wildest continent in Marazan. It has icy tundras, tall mountain ranges, vast deserts and dense jungle. It has a unique variety of natural resources only found there, such as Lithelu and Tesivredr.

One large volcano, known as the Hapecian Flame, towers over the land.


Perpetual arkland

The eastern coast of Hapec


Hapec's climate is rarely steady for more than a week. During night it can go as low as -45 °C and at noon it can be up to 50 °C at average.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Hapec has an even wider range of plant life. It has man-eating pitcher plants and fly traps over a metre long. Half of the plants are spiked and give off powerful poison, like Greensting, if it breaks the skin.

In terms of animals, giant insects and carnivorous reptiles roam the land. They eat and hunt other species to the brink of exctintion, before they too get eaten by a better predator. Few sapients live in this land.

List of CreaturesEdit

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