The Heart of Dawn

The Heart of Dawn, or Heart of Gods, is a mysterious artifact thought to contain enough magical energy or mana to kill a Dez.


The Heart of Dawn is a cube made of a glass like crystal that emits a pulsing blue glow. The edges are pristinely cut into the crystal with very close detail. Stange blue paterns and shapes dwell inside of the cube, in a seemingly patternless manner. Looking inside of the Heart will often cause insanity, and in some records, instananeous death.


The Heart of Dawn is estimated to be created before Dawn itself, as it contains more energy than even a Dez could comprehend. The patterns, shapes, and glyphs seem to be unlike any scripture of any race or being that has dwelled upon Dawn.


The Heart of Dawn was originally discovered by a group of Snow Elves. No record for the location of discovery is avaliable, but it was taken to a small Shrine to Kryossiom, where it lay hidden for thousands of years, until its existence was recently discovered by Thalmas the Immortal. The Army of Thormieral has been fighting for control of Saelonthor in hopes to drive the Snow Elves to extinction and recover the Heart of Dawn.

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