An artist's interpretation of Hervashante

Hervashante (Her-vash-ant-e) is worshipped as the Goddess of Destruction and Rebirth across Dawn. Like all major Dez, she has a species to guard, the Hylots, but it is rumored that she was also responsible for the Perpetual Elves and the success of the Arkheons in Hapec.

Hervashante is often blamed for disasters such as typhoons and magic storms.


Hervashante's physical forms are unknown as she has yet to be summoned through from Thornum. As such, it cannot be known what she resembles.


Hervashante has been worshipped by the Hylots from time immemorial. Though, throughout the rest of Dawn, she is not prayed to as often due to her destructive nature.

The worshippers of the Divine Carnage, Dez'kro, also worship her, as they believe Hevashante to be the daughter of the Divine Carnage.

Symbols and WorshipEdit

Hervashante is often represented by the Phoenix, because of its ability to be reborn.

She is commonly worshipped by the Cult of Blood as being the daughter of the Dez'kro, as they are both associated with chaos and in a sense, change.

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