Human Nobleman

A Human Nobleman with a rifled barrel.

Humans are, along with Sun Elves, the native inhabitants of Erayus. They form 46% of its population according to the 4968 census. Additionally, they are a primary inhabitant of the nearby island of Choura.


Humans have a robust design with a prominent healing factor. Like most species in Marazan, they are bipedal humanoids. Humans have more overall bodily muscle than most other races, allowing them to survive amongst magically stronger and more intelligent races.

Humans grow to be around six feet tall, making them a bit shorter than their Elven cousins.


While officially united with the Sun Elves by the policing Erayan Force, humanity is ruled by a dictator. The current dictator is Richart the Fourth of Brogden River.

Aside from the dictator, there are several advisers in place to support the dictator and sort out tasks such as allocating money, farming, apartment construction, etc. Most of humanity is happy with the current political situations and is currently marching off to war happily.

There are also noblemen who are people with an abundance of money and costly housing. They influence the dictator by becoming popular with other noblemen. If they are well known, they can become an advisor for the dictator.


The human armies are made up of five main types of soldier.

Scout - Use a long ranged, accurate rifle.

Gunwielder - Uses rifled pistols and a light sword.

Guardian - Uses a sword and shield. Shields can lock together.

Spearman - Uses a spear and shield. Shields can lock together.

Lancer - Uses a lance, sword and shield. Shields can fit on their back.

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