An Ice Titan

Ice Titans are a lesser, although more common breed of Titans who dwell the caves of Saelonthor.


Unlike their Sand Titan brothers, Ice Titans are much smaller and weaker, although make no mistake, they are still very dangerous. Ice Titans are usually around three to four metres, whereas the Sand Titan behemoths are six hundred feet standing.

Ice Titans are made from Tihtkryo, a mixture of packed ice and stone, which Ice Titans themselve make to cover their delicate frozen skin.


Like all Titans, Ice Titans are built around a weaker Titan's Core, which charges the Tihtkryo to allow movement. These cores hum an azure blue colored light, unlike the Sand Titan's yellowish glow.


Like most Titan's, Ice Titans seem to be driven to cause chaos whenever and wherever possible.


Major attacks from Ice Titans are as follows.

  • 2578 - A small trading post is destroyed. First encounter with an Ice Titan.
  • 2788 - A snow elven town is evacuated as a pair of Ice Titans assault it.
  • 2815 - Now a city, a trio of Ice Titans attack again, this time defeated.
  • 3047 - An Ice Titan is found frozen in deep ice in the middle of a major city. It is freed from the ice and begins slaughtering the neaby people before it was sliced in half.
  • 3784 - A five metre Ice Titan is found crushing villages. It was killed by a cannon.
  • 4579 - An Ice Titan bypasses defences and proceeds to kill the inhabitants until news of it spread. It was captured for study.
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