Ichor, also known as the blood of the Dez or Dezxam in the Elvin Tongue, is a golden liquid that contains immense amount of concentrated mana. Being known as the blood of the Dez, it is found in the veins of the Dez in place of mortal blood.

Magical PropertiesEdit

Ichor is a liquid composed of concentrated mana. When drinken or absorbed into a body by other means, it is converted into pure mana and can be used. If for any reason a Dez was killed or wounded, ichor would pour out of the wound or corpse and could potentially grant a novice mage the powers of a master, or a master wizard powers beyond a Dez.

Physical PropertiesEdit

Ichor itself is very strange. It is very much like quicksilver if not absorbed. It shines a champaigne gold and radiates a golden glow. If near a large quantity of the liquid, one can hear a faint hum.

Biological SignificanceEdit

Ichor can be found in the bodies of all Dez, being Dez'aq or Dez'ran or any other species. It is found in the veins of the Dez, whereas blood can be found in the common races. Many scholars, specifically scholars of the Sumidez tree or scholars of Dez, have theorized that the Dez may require the Ichor to circulate mana through their veins, in place of oxygen.

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