This is the page for the War known as Jagged Alliance. For the group that fought in the war, see Jagged Alliance (Group)

The Jagged Alliance is a war that shakes Marazan's very roots. It is considered one of the bloodiest wars and events in the last one hundred years. It occurs mainly throughout Erayus, Bedias, and Raxus.

Build UpEdit

In 4966, when Erayan Force Emperor Opium the Third ascended to the throne after the assassination of Emperor Draco Enemi IV by a Raxian assassin. A sincere hatred was felt for the Bedias Union and Raxian Legion by the new leader, since they invaded small islands while Erayus took on the tougher work of fending back the invading Arkheons, along with the assassination of the Erayan Emperor, supposedly by the Raxian Legion. Opium spent five years denouncing the nations, but the common people felt he was anxious and afraid to go to war. In a normal protest, a fight spontaneously broke out, resulting in a riot. The destruction caused was limited when Opium made the defining speech that settled the rioters when he announced that it was decided that, for the good of the common elf, territory shall be claimed.

Famous EventsEdit

  • 4971 - Declaration of War by the Erayan Force.
  • 4971 - Numerous skirmishes on Raxian Legion territory.
  • 4972 - Simulations and spies show Erayan armies significantly larger than the Raxian Legion or Bedias Union.
  • 4972 - Raxian Legion offers an alliance with Bedias Union. Bedias Union declines.
  • 4973 - Bedias Union under assault by Erayan Force armies. Catastrophic results and damage.
  • 4973 - Bedias Union rethinks its alliance with Raxus Legion.
  • 4973 - Raxian Legion agrees and the Jagged Alliance is formed. This is considered a turning point in the war.
  • 4975 - The Erayan Force's momentum is stopped by defenders at Belden by the combined armies of the Jagged Alliance.
  • 4975 - Most destruction pauses as Erayus prepares for the counterattack.
  • 4976 - Erayus is attacked on two fronts as armies push through their borders, Bedias attacking Downwards, Raxus attacking past Belden and also by sea.
  • 4978-4992 - The war becomes a stalemate as both sides fall to lose or take the city of Chesten.
  • 4993 - Chesten falls as Steam Locomotives ram through its walls.
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