Azurianisles jaggedsea

The Azurian Isles and the Jagged Sea

The Jagged Sea is a large island south of Marazan and closely neighboring Zeyr and Rona. It is also believed that the Azurian Isles were once a part of the Jagged Sea until a strange magical field pulled the islands into the air.


The Jagged Sea has many submerged dwellers, even for its size. Here is a list.

Geography Edit

The Jagged Sea is covered by a lush grassland, dotted with trees and the occasional river. Many abnormally large and sharpened boulders poke out from the grassland, said to be gifts from the creator of the land. When carved open, many large Haste stones may be revealed. This is the only known method of harvesting Haste from the land and it is done with much precaution; only a single Haste boulder is opened every decade in a ceremony known by the Sea Elven people as the Carving of the Heart.

A large mountain covers the center of the island. The mountain, known as Jaggator, is the of the Sea Elven capital of Ascendia.

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