An Erayan Force footsoldier

Kymerith is a common mineral found on the surface of Bedias. Because of Kymerith's durable and non-conductive properties, it is used in the mining of Equix. Kymerith is also used in armor because of its low cost, although it is very heavy. The Erayan Force is famous for its ground soldiers to be clad in Kymerith armor.


Kymerith is a very dark red shade mineral. It is quite heavy. Kymerith is not a very good over-all material to work with in smithing because of its weight and difficulty to shape. 

Location and Mining ProcessEdit

Kymerith can be easy found underneath dirt and rocks of the mountainous parts of Bedias. The trouble is not finding it, but mining it. Hardly anyone mines the tough mineral except those who work indirectly for the Erayan Force, whom need mass amounts of the mineral for armor, and dealers who sell to the Equix miners.


A Kymerith Pickaxe

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