A Magic Storm

Magic Storms are natural disasters caused by the bending of the Great Barrier. They are often believed to be connected to Hervashante, Goddess of Destruction, or the Divine Carnage, God of Chaos.


Magic Storms are caused when the Great Barrier, a strong barrier composed of mana, bends. This causes large amounts of mana to flow out of the barrier and strike the earth.

The high amounts of concentrated mana strike the ground in a manner very similar to that of lightning bolts. These bolts are most commonly blue, however, in rare occasions these mana bolts are gold. This coloring is directly related to the concentration of mana in the bolts. The less concentrated the mana of the bolts, the more blue it appears. The more concentration, the more gold.


Although Magic Storms can occur, rare as they may be, anywhere across Dawn, they are most common in places where the Great Barrier is already somewhat naturally lower or bent. One of the few examples is the Republic of Yern, where the Great Barrier above the region is bent, allowing for Magic Storms to be more common.


Magic Storms have a significant influence whenever they occur. Due to the large amounts of released mana, many creatures in the area are "overloaded" with mana, and die. However, it is commonly believed that the large amounts of mana can cause rapid evolution.

Mana released by Magic Storms is often captured with gems, although large gems are required, else the object will explode due to lack of capacity.

In addition to this, in 3487, a human stumbled upon a shining crystal floating in the air after a Magic Storm. More of it was eventually found elsewhere around a Magic Storm and the term Marsaleum was coined by 3489.

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