The Marazan multi-continent mass.

Marazan is a mass of five continents and many islands who are so close, sometimes it is regarded as one, super-continent.


When translated directly from Elven, Marazan means "United Land".


The islands of the Great Oases of Bedias and Erayus, Marazan

Bodies of LandEdit

Marazan is home to five continents and many islands.

List of Continents

The continents of Marazan are:

List of IslandsEdit

There are many islands of Marazan, mainly around Raxus and Hapec, though some are in the Great Oases. They are:


As of 4989, seven countries rule over Marazan, some peacefully, others not.
  • The Erayan Force controls all of Erayus and much of the sea north of Saelonthor, as well as half of the Great Oasis. (Red)
  • The Army of Thormieral controls most of central Hapec and a small portion of Saelonthor. (Blue)
  • The Bedias Union peacefully rules Bedias and some of the Great Oasis. (Orange)
  • The Republic of Yern has control of the islands of Herjox, Craveni, Hylotia and the surrounding waters in the Great Oasis. (Purple)

The rest of Marazan is unclaimed. (White)

  • A single Marazan Talon
  • Two Marazan Skulls
  • Two Marazan Royals
  • A single Marazan Crown


Although the different nations of Marazan once used several different currencies; a unified currency system was created in the year 3015 at the Gathering of Marazan: Talons, Skulls, Royals, and Crowns. One hundred Talons is worth one Skull, one hundred Skulls is worth one Royal (10,000 Talons). One hundred Royals is worth a single Crown (1,000,000 Talons).

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