A chunk of Marox

Marox is a type of crystal found in Bedias, used by the Dwarves to hold high amounts of energy and magical energy. It can store one Mard in a 10 cm cube.


Marox is a deep bluish colour that is nearly always used in newer Dwarven Automatons for power. Like all gems such as topaz, or more commonly sapphire, this gem can be used to hold vast amounts of Mana harvested from the Great Barrier. However, unlike any other type of precious gem, Marox is much more likely to be struck in the Dwarves' mining operations. Around Marox, noticeably magical items begin to glow as tiny amounts of its energy are being sucked into it. This can often cause a problem though, as Marox which has been absorbing Mana for thousands of years could explode at the smallest touch. For this reason, while mining every so often a Dwarf will inspect a small and safe piece of Marox to see if it is gaining energy by glowing white. Using this they can increase safety by absorbing some of the Marox's energy supplies using another crystal. This is also useful for finding Marox by tracing the direction it comes from and the strength of it.


Marox is used to power Automatons by the Dwarves due to the vast amounts of energy it can hold within. However, it is not often used in combat as it is about as tough as gold. Once the core of an automaton is breached, it will leave the others and charge into enemy lines. This is because the resulting explosion could turn the tide of a battle either way depend on what was in the blast radius. It is also put in what appears to be decorative places on armour or a hilt of a sword. This is because it will secretly absorb any magic on the opponents weapon, rendering it just a regular weapon.

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