A Moon Elven maiden

Moon Elves are one of the few creatures that have mapped Hapec, Marazan, their homeland. They are despised for their cults against the Dez.

The Moon Elven people spoke the Elven Tongue until the end of the third era, when the Lunar Tongue began to spread.


Moon Elves have a very silver, almost shiny skin tone. In some Moon Elven populations, such as those in Bedias, their skins are almost an olive tone.

Moon Elven females have slender body types, ranging from five to six feet tall, while males have very robust body types and are often taller than six foot. Moon Elves are known for wearing very little clothing, due to the immense heat in Hapec. They are very resistant to cold, being relatives of the Snow Elven people.

They are practically immune to illness from exposure to their land's exotic flora and fauna. They have thicker skin than most Elves for shrugging off nettle-like plant stings.


The Moon Elven cults that dictate their religious beliefs are usually based up the belief that their race was abandoned by the Dez. Because of their hatred towards the Dez, most support the Army of Thormieral. Some cults claim that Thalmas the Immortal is a prophet, sent to Hapec once more to guide the Moon Elven people to victory against the Dez.


Moon Elves were once home to Saelonthor, being close relatives to the Snow Elves. Moon Elves and Snow Elves lived peacefully together. In the year 1012, the ever expanding Snow Elves began to force Moon Elves off their own territory and into the Uncharted Continent. They are forcefully evicted from their homes and sent stumbling into the strange, harsh new land.

By 3000, the Moon Elven people had set up several cities across southern Hapec. These cities became a loosely formed country, known as the Moon Elven Nation.

As time wore on, in 4988 the Moon Elves attacked back under the leadership of Thalmas the Immortal, a master of Magic. The Moon Elves controled part of Saelonthor through the Army of Thormieral.

By 4989, the Army of Thormieral declared themselves the rulers of Hapec. The Moon Elven people of Hapec were now united under the Army of Thormieral. Their capital is known as Entlo Xae.

Life SpanEdit

The average life span of a Moon Elf is seventy, although one can live up to one hundred and twenty years if there is little struggle to live.

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