A Sea Nymph, also known as a Siren or Mermaid

The Nymphs, Elegant Folk, or the Nymphos as in the Nymphetic Language, are a race of very adaptive and rural people. They are particularly known for being extremely beautiful, yet cunning.


There are currently 6 known breeds of Nymph, all of which are very unique and very adapted to their environment. Nymphs are genderless, however, they appear as females.

Types of NymphsEdit

Sea NymphEdit

Sea Nymphs, also known as Mermaids or Sirens, are a very dangerous and carnivorous breed of Nymph. They have two arms with webbed talons and a long sea serpent tail to efficiently move through water. These creatures, known to be the most beautiful Nymphs, will approach sailors. At first they are graceful and harmless, until they pull the victim into the water with razor sharp talons and begin to kill it with their high pitched screams. They swim deeper and deeper, screaming violently until they drown or are actually killed by the pure sound.

Tree NymphEdit

Cave NymphEdit

Shadow NymphEdit

Blood NymphEdit

Blood Nymphs, or Vampires, are a also a very dangerous breed of Nymph. These Blood Nymphs appear very Dark or Moon Elven, with the exception of their teeth. Seemingly normal at first, their teeth can grow to be an inch long, filed to a sharp point, in just an instant. They use these teeth to feed on the blood of the sleeping, injecting them with a poison known as Nymph's Tear. Nymph's Tear is a poison with the ability to instantly put its victim to sleep. If the Vampire's victim wakes, it will be put back to sleep.

Sand NymphEdit

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