An Ocromis is any member of the Dragon, Wyvern, or Serpent race.


The word Ocromis comes from the Elven words beast (ocryo) and kings (omis). Ocromis roughly means Beast kings.


It is believed that the Ocromis megarace was born in the year 73 on the island of Traismalia. In said year, a group of Sand Elves sailed to the island from Bedias. Upon exploring the land and climbing to the peak of the Cradle of Flames, an unknown ancient force was awoken and hundreds of Dragons flew from the volcano. These Dragons, thought to be Elder Dragons, dispersed from the volcano and eventually became scattered across Dawn, quickly evolving into Wyverns, Serpents, and other breeds of Dragon.


Dragons, Wyverns, and Serpents have always been associated with one another, although they were not strictly bounded to a single megarace until 4332, when the Order of Forbidden and Forgotten Magic began studies in the strong similarities in the anatomy of the races.

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