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The Order of Forbidden and Forgotten Magic is a large organization based in Hapec, Marazan. It is dedicated to the study of magic banned in the common Marazan, the study of forgotten magic, and the study of magic itself; however, over time the Order has simply widened its fields of study to all sciences, magic or not.

The Order itself has a very sour relationship with most of Marazan, mainly the Erayan Force. The two organizations have not resorted to warfare as of yet, but it is strongly hinted by the Order. The Erayan Force have very little knowledge of the exact location of the order and hesitate to dispatch footsoldiers into the Hapecian wilderness.


The Order of Forbidden and Forgotten Magic was founded in the year 3017 in direct response to the Banishing of Unholy Magic Act, which was enacted by Marazan in the same year.

It is unknown, exactly, who the founders were, but it is believed that around sixety to eighty citizens of the Bedian city of Crimson came together and formed the group. Fearing persecution, the group hijacked a large trade ship headed for Thornistine filled with food and sailed it to the border of Hapec, where they traveled east and settled, outside of the reach of Marazan's control.

Large scale farms were crucial to the survival of the group. A large keep was built to protect the young Order, and several ships were sent back to Crimson for supplies and new members.

In 3178, the Order created the Arkheons. Using time travel, the Arkheons were able to live on Arkland Isle starting in 1002. However this cost the lives of half of the members of the order.

By 3780, the Order had one million citizens, one third soldiers, the other third refuges and families, and the other third magicians, government officials, farmers, miners, and other workers.

In 4954, Torm Mantal, a scholar, killed six colleagues in an attempt to drain magical energy from higher sources. He isn't seen again for eleven years.


The Order has a representative democracy, where a council of seven is elected by the people. One member of the council is voted to be a higher authority. This position, as it has always been taken by mages, is known as the Arch-Mage.

Each member of the council has an equal say in every situation. However, the Arch-Mage has three times the power, although he can be overturned if at least four councilmen disagree.

Known MembersEdit


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The Order is considered a terrorist group by Marazan in general and nothing more than that.

The Order have secretive ties to their legal cousin, the Guild of Runesmiths that give them access to resources for their shipments of food and materials.

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