Perpetual Warrior

A Perpetual Elf Warrior armed with dual Lithelu daggers.

The Perpetual Elves, or Laritue in their own language, are the sole sentient inhabitants of the Perpetual Peninsula, Hapec, Marazan. They are considered to be the most secretive of all creatures on Dawn and although they walked among the rest of Marazan for 2000 years, little is known about them and they were only officially found in 3179 by the Erayan Force.


Reports of the Perpetual Elves are few and all different. Some say they have skin as purple as amethyst, while another would say it is brown. In reality they have pale skin, in between Human and Snow Elf skin tones. A Perpetual Elf stands at 7 ft high when fully grown.

Life SpanEdit

Perpetual Elves, on par with Snow Elves, live far longer than most common races. Perpetual Elves live an average of one hundred to one hundred and ten years old. The oldest known Perpetual Elf lived to three hundred and fourteen years.


"We will give you the ultimate power, the power to reshape the world and convince anyone of anything. Illusion." ~ Perpetual Elf Ruler

All Perpetual Elves, are skilled in the magic of Mina. Using it they can bring forth objects from planes beyond Dawn, the Abyss and Thornum. They can create skyscrapers of solid stone on a whim and make bloody and paralyse a foe. All of this only happens inside someone's head however. They are the only known creature on Dawn that is naturally skilled at Mina, the same way Snow Elves are skilled in Kyro magic. Because of this they are Marazan's best negotiators.


Perpetual Caster

Perpetual Caster

The Perpetual Elves have a balanced military force; Not too strong, not too weak. It mainly consists of Warriors and Casters. Warriors are armed with deadly Lithelu armour with gold decorations and weapons, while Casters have just light Lithelu armour with gold decorations.

The Warriors have been known to use:

  • Axes
  • Clubs
  • Crossbows
  • Daggers
  • Flails
  • Halberds
  • Maces
  • Morning Star
  • Spears
  • Swords
  • War Hammer


The architecture of the Perpetual Elves is unknown, but there have been many sightings of stone castles and golden palaces giving off light. Because there is no known form of building due to the rarity of people who can resist Mina and make it that far into Hapec, until the war is over, there is no way of knowing.


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