A Raxian city

Raxus is a continent jutting out of Bedias in Marazan. It is home to the feared Raxians, Orcs and Dark Elves. It is controlled by the Raxian Legion, although a portion of the southern coast is controlled by the Cult of Grimm.


The landscape of Raxus varies greatly. There is a mountain region in the south covered in snow that seperates the Dark Elves from the Raxian Legion, while there are tropical rainforests in the north. In the east there is a small desert and a flater area, while west it is a bumpy marsh.

Flame TopEdit

Flame Top is the simple nickname for the gigantic volcano in the center of Raxus, about the size of Olympas Mons. It errupts occasionally and is why the nearby area is vacant from all but volcanic ash. It is home to Pyrese Dragons and Wyverns.


Raxus is inhabited by the sapient and adaptible Raxians, the mighty Orcs and mysterious Dark Elves, blocked off from the rest by the Udes Mountains.


Shii Itae and Dras'le of Raxus, along with Di'almi of Bedias. All Dark Elven cities


Raxus is home to many very important Dark Elven, Raxian, and Orcish cities.

List of CitiesEdit

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