The Republic of Yern marked along with Erayus Minor and Traismalia

The Republic of Yern, or previously the Yiama Islands, is a trio of islands in the Great Oasis of Erayus and Bedias. It is home to the manipulative Yern, the mysterious Zact, the amphibious Hylot and the horse-like Unika races.


Herjox, the northernmost and largest island, is home to the Yern, Zact and Unika. It is abdundant with trees, though not as many minerals underground as other islands.


Craveni, the middle island, is shared between all races of the republic. It has a warm climate and is centre to the government. All species live freely on it.


Hylotia, the southernmost island, belongs to the Hylots. It is famous for being a swampy wastleland, though rare minerals such as Ramtium and Xorite can be found if searched for. A Hylotian political party has recently been formed in order to seperate them from the rest of the Republic and are gaining support.

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