An Order bred Rock Titan

Rock Titans are a breed of Titan, mana-based lifeforms, native to Hapec and Bedias. Many Rock Titans have been brought into the Order, being trained and modified as beasts of war.


Rock Titans stand 15 to 25 feet tall off the ground, towering over any man. It is very humanoid in shape, with large rock buildups protruding from its shoulders. Several fissures course through its body, leaking out mana. These cracks prove to be a major weakness, as when penetrated, the Titan's Core begins to leak in massive amounts. If the scale-coated hide of the Titan suffers an even larger gash, enough mana can spill for a decent sized explosion.

Order bred Titans are offen patched up with steel plates to help cover some of the Rock Titan's "veins".

Titan CoreEdit

The Rock Titan's Core, or life force, is quite powerful for its size. The core emits several shades of red-bronze. The core of the Rock Titan is much more powerful than that of an Ice Titan, although obviously less powerful than the collosal Sand Titan's core.

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